Email:  IG: @mse_strength_is_grace


IG: @mse_strength_is_grace

Yann Kumin, senior mse president of operations

A 2004 graduate of Harvard University, Yann has been attached to Musculosystematic Engineering for over a decade. A longtime former teacher and high school football coach, Yann became the President of Operations for I2SM in the summer of 2019 because, in his words, “there is no other organization out there as effective at ensuring health, eliminating pain, and maximizing performance.”

Email:  IG: @mse_ajessee


IG: @mse_ajessee

Aaron Jessee, Master(Jr) Mse Lead Coach - i2sm boston volleyball sport performance

A 2014 graduate of Endicott College, where he was a 2 year starter for the Gulls Men’s Volleyball program, Aaron began as an intern at I2SM Boston in 2013 where Musculosystematic Engineering (MsE) helped him to recover from chronic knee and back pain. His own experiences with the successes of MsE led to his desire to help others live a healthy, pain free life. Although he works with a wide range of clients, as a high level volleyball athlete, Aaron especially enjoys working with volleyball players to ensure their performance, health, and enjoyment of the game.

Email:  IG: @mse_cash


IG: @mse_cash

Thomas Morris, Master(SR) MsE LEAD COACH - I2SM s. florida football sports performance

Originally hailing from upstate New York, Vermont, Maine, and Tennessee, Thomas was a 2006 graduate of Ithaca College. An elite downhill skier and talented vocalist, Thomas was trained as an MsE Engineer at I2SM Boston by founder Sage Osprey, and has been involved with MsE for a decade, making him one of the highest certified MsE Engineers in the country, well-versed in high-level rehabilitation and sport performance coaching. Working out of I2SM South Florida, Thomas specializes in working with NFL and NCAA football athletes.


Nick mulherin, JUNIOR MsE I2SM BOSTON BASEBALL sports performance

A 2015 graduate of Springfield College, where he was a pitcher, Nick Mulherin trained as an I2SM athlete in high school, taking his pitch velocity from 67 mph to 87 mph in only a few months. As a practicing Athletic Trainer at an area high school, Nick became frustrated by the restrictions of traditional approaches to injury prevention and rehabilitation, leading him to his study of MsE. Certified as a Junior MsE in 2019, Nick’s passion for health and sport make him a valuable addition to the I2SM Boston team, working with a wide range of clients, although keeping a special passion for baseball-athletes and throwers.

Email:  IG: @mse_nickmulherin


IG: @mse_nickmulherin

Email:  IG: @mse_coachbarge


IG: @mse_coachbarge


A former college basketball and football player and a 2014 graduate of Framingham State University where he played Defensive Back, Hakeem brings an infectious passion and energy to his practice of Musculosystematic Engineering. Certified as a Junior MsE in 2019, Hakeem’s zeal for MsE’s sports performance and rehabilitative ability led him to become one of the quickest I2SM Boston apprentices to achieve his certification and has made him a welcome addition to the I2SM Boston team. Although his passion is working with basketball and football athletes, Hakeem is adept at applying MsE to a wide client base with diverse performance and rehabilitative needs