What about your coaches / trainers (Musculosystematic Engineers™)  how do I know that they are qualified to work with me?

It is very important to note here, that the vast majority of our Musculosystematic Engineers were exceptionally qualified before they adopted our technologies. Additionally our MsE™ certification process, offered in both institutional (bulk) and individual form, is one of, if not the most extensive on the international market. On average it takes a year of full time education at one of our IISM-School Certified facilities or via continual institutional multi-integration. The Engineers are tiered by their educational commitment. Our most educated Engineers work with Professional Athletes and Populations with Extreme Physical and Neurological injuries/disorders, while those in the Pre-Certification Programs are already some of the best trainers, coaches and physical therapists in the business.

Can you tell me a little about your engineers?

Our Musculosystematic Engineers are extensively trained in movement, but beyond the technology is the ability to apply it to each uniquely designed and experienced client. Our certification process deeply imbeds an extensive design that bases evaluation and treatment on each unique individual client’s autobiographical physical history and bio-natural design. Additionally, our unique Individual Apprenticeship Program provides the opportunity to experience hundreds of physical injuries and dysfunctions before they receive even a junior certification.

How long does a typical training session last and what can I expect?

A typical training session varies quite a bit depending on the needs of the client. The sessions can vary from a 15 minute micro-movement session to a 6-hour full intensive full spectrum engineering and anti-inflammatory service.

Regardless of the duration of each time spent with a Musculosystematic Engineer™ it is reasonable to expect a significant adjustment to a healthier and more uniquely productive movement within just TWO cumulative hours. The greatest success comes from a consistent or continual effort by client and MsE™ despite overall volume.

For elite and competitive athletes and seriously injured or post-operative clients we find instantaneous and significant progress to occur with 6-12+ hours per week of private treatment. For those looking to rid themselves of simple nagging injuries or to attain that competitive edge a simple 1-2 hour weekly group or private commitment would give permanence to both goals within just a few hours or sessions.

Do you offer group training or is all training one-on-one?

We realize that there is a vast range of time and economic barriers that our clients experience and the MsE™ technological application allows it to be integrated into any modality from class, group, and private rehabilitation and training to sport-specific skill development such as dribbling a soccer ball, hitting a baseball, and ice skating.

You can find a healthier and more effective way to exercise, train, rehabilitate, or engineer your body in an MsE™ based class, private session, or skill development session of any length.