I2SM South Florida

A family environment pervades in the peaceful oasis that is IISM South. IISM South in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is home to the pioneers of MsE and FD technology. Here, athletes and general clientele alike have the opportunity to work directly with the people responsible for the development of FD and MsE, in a gorgeous, caring environment. Services include the full spectrum of injury prevention and healing, including; revolutionary aquatic therapy, cold treatments, ground-breaking MsE massage, precision re-education of dysfunctional movement patterns, recovery and injury prevention through advanced movement coaching, range of motion work, and pre/post surgery care.

The team at IISM South is capable of taking the most broken amongst us and getting them back to doing what they love at a level higher than previously enjoyed, from new mothers and weekend warriors to athletes at the pinnacles of their chosen professional sport. IISM south can take you from the ground to game speed with efficiency and safety, while unlocking more athletic potential, even in athletes at the highest levels of global competition.

For additional information or to schedule a free consultation please contact:

Thomas Cashdollar Morris
Master Musculosystematics™ Engineer

phone: 615-714-8418