(Delaware, Maryland, Virginia)

I2SM DMV and its Owner/Operator PJ Quarrie, are located in Baltimore Maryland. PJ works with clients who hail from all walks of life but has been most recognized for his work with athletes. I2SM DMV operates within Maryland, Delaware, and reaches all the way down to Virginia.

PJ is a Jr. Certified Engineer with Musculosystematics™️ (MSE™️). In addition, he is currently the Mid Atlantic Regional Manager for The Footdoctor Sports. PJ has not only mastered the Footdoctor Technology, he was also the very first Footdoctor underneath
the brand.

I2SM DMV Services include injury prevention and healing including: MsE™ massage, the re-education of dysfunctional movement patterns, and injury prevention through advanced movement coaching. Lastly, but not least, I2SM DMV provides high level, sport & position specific performance training in speed development, footwork, and power creation through both MsE™️ and
Footdoctor Technology.

I2SM DMV offers 1 on 1, private sessions as well as both small and large group options.

For Additional information or to schedule a free consultation please contact:

PJ Quarrie
Junior Musculosystematics Engineer / Footdoctor Mid Atlantic Regional Manager

Instagram > @Footdoctor_PJ
phone: 443-314-9632