Pictured above, Luke McArdle esq. of the IISM

IISM rehabilitates and trains clients with the MsE™ technology as well as provides exclusive education of all Musculosystematic Engineers worldwide.



The International Institute of Sport & Movement is a company housing MsE™ and FD™ technologies, thusly providing a movement service that covers all needs and demands of the human body. From rehabilitating severe neurological disorders and injuries to activity, sport and position specific skill developments I²SM covers the entire spectrum of treatment.

These technologies, independently developed, found each other in perfect harmony as FD™ designed the human from exceptional tactile skill development back to the neuromuscular systems and MsE™ built the neuromuscular systems towards the exceptional tactile skill development. When they collided, it took very little time to understand that they were built on the same concepts in universal physics.

Responsible for these two technologies are the Foot Doctor™ of Foot Doctor Sports and Sage Osprey of Musculosystematic Engineering.

Today The Foot Doctor™ continues to be one of the most powerful healers in the world and the I²SM School certifies coaches, physical therapists, doctors around the world.

what separates this institution from others?

While the technology has experienced exceptional success in application, ranging from Professional Athletes to those with severe neurological disorders, we don’t feel like there is anything significantly different from all others. In fact, rather, it is a reactional algorithm that takes into consideration thousands of successful methodologies in physical movement theory and synthesizes them into one fundamental design.

Perhaps what separates us, is our ability to deeply appreciate all methodologies of movement and rehabilitation from chiropractors, to Yoga instructors, to Doctors of Physical Therapy. The IISM technologies can outline, in specificity, why all of the modalities of movement help and, unfortunately, hurt the human body. This allows us to treat the human body, no matter the physical conflict or demand.

How do I go about registering  / signing up to train with IISM?

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